Corrupting the Image challenges the curious minded to think beyond. The Bible is the Word of God, and Doug’s book is based on the Bible. Douglas Hamp’s latest lesson, applying his well-honed skills with. too would provide a savior for mankind but in his own image and not God's and upcoming new book: Corrupting the Image: Satan's War to Destroy the Image. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #33d00cc Corrupting The Image: Angels, Aliens, And The Antichrist Revealed By Douglas Hamp [PDF EBOOK.

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Corrupting the Image Book: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed [Douglas M Hamp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. According to. douglas hamp corrupting the image pdf logo. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Jan 29, am. Looking for douglas hamp corrupting the image pdf logo. Will be . By Douglas M Hamp #87acddd EBOOK EPUB site PDF. Read Download Online. Corrupting The Image Book: Angels, Aliens.

For the trumpet will sound. It is sown in dishonor. We shall not all sleep. I tell you a mystery. It is sown in weakness. When the perishable puts on the imperishable. As was the man of dust. What is sown is perishable. If there is a natural body. But it is not the spiritual that is first but the natural.

On the contrary. He has a spiritual body and made man after Himself. The resurrected body of Jesus seems to be the paradigm for what ours will be like.

Our existence in the world to come will not be a soul without a body. Our body is a reflection or shadow of what His is. It simply means having a body but in the spiritual dimension see Chapter six.

It can walk through walls and exist in the spiritual realm and yet enter into this one and eat and drink at will. The heavenly realm according to Scripture is the original and things here on this earth are more or less a copy. We read in Hebrews 8: If Jesus is the paradigm.

His essence is spirit and uncreated. Who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body. His resurrected body is a body that is not subject to sin. What we learn is God is spirit and of course He is not earthly—He is not composed of dirt. C o nfo r me d t o His Body Paul is even more specific in the book of Philippians where he states that our bodies will be conformed to His body. John corroborates this in his first epistle when he states: In addition to the revealing text from Ezekiel 1.

But on the nobles of the children of Israel He did not lay His hand. Here it appears that only His feet are visible. This is also seen by both Isaiah and Daniel: Could it be that the text means just what it says?

The prophet Micaiah in 2 Chronicles Here we have the same reference to the sapphire stone as we saw in Ezekiel 1: If we interpret this text straightforwardly. His body is seen in a sitting position upon His throne. And there was under His feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone.

His garment was white as snow. For He said. Then Moses went up. His throne was a fiery flame. So they saw God. When Adam and Eve listened to the cunning words of the Serpent they died immediately and yet it took Adam years to finally succumb to death—how can both be true?

The answer lies in the role of the Holy Spirit in Adam see appendix two for a complete discussion and in the light that he lost. Can we completely understand that? Not only is God sitting but He has hair upon His head. He exists as a spiritual body. God has created Adam and humanity in His image and likeness see appendix one concerning the triune nature of God and how He could be seen.

But the general idea is simple enough to grasp. But as we have already explored. Often scholars have sought to explain these descriptions away by interpreting them figuratively or by claiming that the biblical authors are using anthropomorphic language see for example John Gill.

God is far greater than we can understand. He notes that the Ancient of Days was seated and also that His garments were white as snow and the hair of His head was like pure wool. Daniel 7: We first note that while up by Caesarea Philippi Jesus took His disciples. His face shone like the sun.

In this chapter we will examine the many places that Scripture speaks of bodies of light and discuss how our DNA emits light. Understanding the truth will again help us to spot the demonic deception that is coming in these last days. The truth is. We can deduce more of how Adam was before the fall and also how we shall be upon resurrection from the teaching of the Lord Jesus.

When the end of the tribulation draws to a close the Lord Jesus will return to earth on a horse and those who have trusted in Him will return with Him. Speaking of the called out ones believers in Jesus John notes in Revelation: O LORD! This truth was revealed as far back as the time of Judges when Deborah. We see from this verse that the covering will be bright or luminous. Those who are wise shall shine [LXX: The same was revealed to Daniel concerning the resurrection of the righteous.

This is further evidenced in the book of Proverbs: Jesus confirmed this reality when He said concerning the righteous in the world to come: The Liddell. If we recall that Jesus said that in the resurrection we will be like the angels. In Daniel Chapter ten. Daniel tells us of a vision in which he saw an angel who was detained by the prince of Persia and thus could not be Jesus and how he had a shining appearance. This same word for shining is used to describe lightning as it shines from one part of heaven to the other according to Luke We of course recall that the angels shone in the night sky at the announcement of the birth of the awaited Messiah in Luke 2: Perhaps the most telling examples of what angels look like and how we will look are found in Daniel and Revelation.

At death the soul of the saint is freed from all the limitations which sin had imposed upon it. We should view a disembodied soul as one which has cast off its earthly clothing and is now appareled in a garment of light.

I lifted my eyes and looked. John also saw shining angels in the book of Revelation. His body was like beryl. Hiya says.

They strove to cover themselves with the delusive images from the tree of which they had eaten. Su pp o r t e d b y A n cien t Je w ish I n ter p re tation What is fascinating is that Jewish interpretation held that Adam and Eve were at first clothed in garments of light and then later clothed in garments of skin. Then they knew that they were naked. The Soncino Zohar of Bereshith.

As soon as he was driven from the Garden of Eden and had need of forms suited to this world. Adam in the Garden of Eden was attired in supernal raiment. When driven out. But as they [Adam and Eve] were going in the way. Otherwise he could not have entered there. This is he who promised you majesty and divinity.

Where is his divinity? Where is his light?

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Where is the glory that rested on him? Now his figure is hideous. He envisions what a body completely free from sin and corruption will be like. He derives his comments from Isaiah 60 which speaks of the future messianic kingdom in which Israel will be in the center.

C o nfi r m e d b y A n c ien t Christ ian I nter p re tation The understanding that Adam and Eve were once clothed in light before their fall is not only confirmed by the ancient Jews but also hinted at by the ancient Christians in what they have to say concerning the celestial bodies that are awaiting the believer.

He writes: Church Father Arnobius. For with what other more precious or honourable ornament was it becoming that the queen should be adorned. But let us not reason from things terrestrial as regards things celestial: She rejoices receiving the light which never goes down. Concerning the resurrected believers. For instead of the clothing which we have. Whom when we saw we were astonished. And the redness of them was mingled with the whiteness.

For there issued from their countenance a ray as of the sun. There appeared two men standing before the Lord […] upon whom we were not able to look. He also sees the shining analogous to the colors of a rainbow just like the colors that surround God in Ezekiel 1: I am not able to declare their beauty.

The writer identifies the two saints as Moses and Elias Elijah. There seems to be little doubt that the early church interpreted the resurrected bodies of the believers to be such that they would emit light and shine like the sun.

Given that Jesus came as the second Adam and that we are in the corrupted image of the first Adam. The fact that the English translation says in Genesis 2: However this reading would seem to be proven by the fact that after their eyes were opened to the fact that they were naked.

For example in Proverbs And they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loincloths Genesis 3: Adam and his wife.

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While we do not consider anything but the Bible to be the authoritative Word of God. To be fair we must note that this is the only ancient source that has caught this word play and therefore we cannot be dogmatic about the interpretation. And the eyes of both were enlightened. The connotation of the word can be either positive or negative depending on the context.

Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter. Peter was not absolutely naked—that is to say without even one piece of clothing.

And they saw the sight of their shame. Thus we see that naked. The message is that before their fall they were wise but through disobedience to God's command they were unfaithful which led to them seeing their nakedness—itself the result of losing their robes.

For this root he has noted the various uses of the word. In Genesis 3: And the Lord God made to Adam and to his wife vestures of honour from the skin of the Serpent. He had only taken off the outer garment but the word for naked gumnos is employed and is the same word that is used in the Greek Septuagint of Genesis 2: Therefore we propose the following reading with all of the linguistic nuances plus the ancient sources included: In other words before their fall they were wise. The different word for naked that is employed in Genesis 3: P r op o s e d Re ading Therefore Adam and Eve were not wearing clothes like we do today but were covered with something—which we have discovered was light.

They became naked in the absolute sense. This translation keeps the word play of arum and takes into consideration the ancient witnesses of the Targum. Knowing that when we receive the fullness From the text and the linguistic nuances we see that they were not naked in the absolute sense before their fall. It would seem that the author presumably Adam was making mention of the fact that things radically did change.

We learn in verse 28 that this was the entourage of the Lord Himself. We know that God did in fact clothe them later after they had sinned. See appendix three concerning the reason God put the tree in the garden which caused Adam and Eve to lose their light. We have seen that God clothes Himself with light as with a garment Psalm Coverings of light were almost certainly in our past and are absolutely in our future.

Isaiah describes the light coming from God as well: Next we will consider just how it was possible that Adam and Eve could emit light out of their bodies. Returning to Ezekiel 1 we recall that the prophet saw: According to Revelation Since we will have bodies of light once our image is fully restored.

Your sun shall no longer go down. Adam emitted light in a way similar to God. We must not forget. As redeemed sons of God. We as new creations are in the image of the One who made us!

Paul states that Jesus is the image of God: Paul affords us this insight into what we shall become: There appears to be no difference between Adam in his pre-fall state and us in our heavenly state as far as the light emitting from our bodies is concerned. Thus if in our new man we will be like God not be God in all of his glory.

When Satan deceived them he suggested things that they already had—the real deception was that they already were like God. Ezekiel 1: The ultimate deception that Satan so cleverly concocted for the first couple was to entice them to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in order to become like God when they already were! They looked like God Exodus Revelation 4. Isaiah 6: Fels states the following: Cells can influence each other without using a molecular signal for the purpose: Independently from each other and driven by different motivations scientific groups in Australia Quickenden.

The fact that DNA emits light is now a well-established fact. They add that light is not only emitted but also absorbed by living things. Biophotons are single quanta being permanently and continuously emitted by all living systems.

A biophoton is the emission of light from DNA. They are a subject of quantum physics and they display a universal phenomenon attributed to all living systems. All organic life absorbs. Biophoton emission or spontaneous ultraweak light emission has been observed from almost all living organisms.

Japan confirm the universality of DNA emitting light. Japan Inaba. Germany Fritz-Albert Popp. The Fritz-Albert Popp Institut discusses the work going on in the field around the world. From all that we have seen.

Philippians 3: Given all of the evidence so far. The effects are manifold. Colossians 3: A summary of the points will help us create the composite image of just what Adam was like back then.

Ezekiel 1. The nonmolecular signals are most probably photons. If so. Matthew Adam was covered with light as with a garment. Luke Ephesians 4: What life was like before the fall is especially exciting as we will be going back to those Edenic conditions in the age to come.

Psalm The answer is arguably yes. We also have seen that the Holy Spirit was indwelling Adam when he was created see appendix two. It would seem that our DNA is like an electric capacitor which can store tiny amounts of electricity and then discharge it capacitors do not produce their own energy Figure 2 Capacitors like a battery.

In a similar way. Adam therefore must have emitted large quantities of light. As the electrons lose this extra energy. We have learned that our DNA not only emits light. Thus God created Adam in His image and likeness concerning his general shape head.

Before his fall. The light energizes the phosphors and excites their electrons. Tremendous energy and electricity38 are radiating out of His being. So when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses. In a manner similar to material that glows after being exposed to a light source. As we have seen. Numbers Moses was apparently in very close proximity to the Lord as the Scriptures say: The Bible says: Now it was so.

Light is coming out of the Lord and as Moses spoke face to face with God. And when Moses had finished speaking with them. And whenever the children of Israel saw the face of Moses. When he sinned. Proverbs Job He must have indicated a complete unveiling of His glory was impossible. I would like to suggest that when a non-believer dies the little bit of internal light that he had due to the sun is lost and being completely disconnected from God.

God must certainly have remained somewhat veiled. We conclude. Jesus was In order for us to see how the enemy plans on raising up the Antichrist. This means that Jesus had to come from the seed of Abraham. God promised several things about the coming of the Messiah.

C hap t e r t h r e e The Genetics of the Incarnation The Genesis prophecy spoke of the coming of two seeds—one of the Messiah. God promised to David that one of his descendants would be the ruler of all Israel. This ultimate fulfillment of the seed of David culminating in Jesus is also witnessed in the messianic Psalm T h e S e e d of Ab raha m and o f David Our first line of evidence concerning the genetic connection comes from the many prophecies that state that from the seed of Abraham and his descendants with David being the most prominent the Messiah would come in the flesh.

He would raise up the Christ to sit on his throne Acts 2: Ye are the children of the prophets. God promises to David in 2 Samuel 7: Peter applies this promise ultimately to the Lord Jesus in Acts chapters 2 and 3: Selah … His seed also will I make [to endure] for ever. Levi was genetically in the testes of his grandfather Abraham when the tithes were paid to Melchizedek. He saith not. Stated plainly. He would be a blood genetic relative of David which would also make Jesus genetically related to Adam and hence all of the sons of Adam humanity.

We also see that Levi paid tithes to Melchizedek because he was still in the loins of his father Abraham and of course being a descendant means that one must be genetically connected. He Himself likewise shared in the same. T h e Vi r g i n W i l l Con ceive Examining Scripture we see that there are many references to Jesus the Messiah as having been connected genetically through the seed to David..

Notice that the angel does not merely say that she will give birth to a Son. His body formed neither of the seed of the man nor the egg of the woman. He would still be the Son of Man. This is the same language that is used in the well-known verse of Isaiah 7: While this passage is well known..

Grasping this important point will give us clarity as we consider the implications of Genesis 3: Basically stated.

That being the case then Jesus was genetically connected to His mother Mary and hence His ancestors David. In modern terms this is referring to the reproductive cells.

If the Bible is this specific about the male seed. T he Ge n et i cs o f t he Messiah Be co ming Flesh The incarnation of Jesus was nothing less than the genetic combination of the celestial Holy Spirit and the terrestrial Mary. I lay yesternight with my father: Therefore the incarnation of Jesus required that He be connected to humanity genetically yet without sin.

In summary. We read: And it came to pass on the morrow. Two of the most prominent deserve our attention: After the destruction of Sodom and the loss of their mother. We must stress. The second of the two is perhaps as blatant as can be concerning just what is meant by seed: From the point of the incarnation God would begin the process of redeeming mankind that so long ago had sinned and corrupted the image of God as well as losing the ability to commune with God.

Sperm from the male would be likened to a missile which is carrying a warhead. Seed in modern terms is called a gamete which in the male is the sperm and in the female is the ovum. It is not the carrying mechanism which is truly significant for conception. Our understanding of genetics and Information Technology IT helps us to better understand what it means that we were and are corrupted. The warhead is what causes the explosion and the missile simply gets it to the destination. Thus the Holy Spirit provided the twenty three chromosomes without the carrying mechanism.

After waiting four thousand years the promise of the Seed of the Woman would be fulfilled. Given that the Holy Spirit the third person of the Godhead came upon her. Thus when Mary conceived it meant that her ovum provided twenty three chromosomes and hence the Holy Spirit provided the other gamete twenty three chromosomes. This pivotal moment would then find its fulfillment in the crucifixion and resurrection of this God-man thereby giving men the right to become children of God once more.

The storage medium is the DNA molecule deoxyribonucleic acid which resembles a double helix. This replication is so precise that it can be compared to clerks copying the entire Bible sequentially each one from the previous one with at most one single letter being transposed erroneously in the entire copying process. When a DNA string is replicated. Underlying those processes is a code that is written with ones and zeros.

All of the applications are reduced to a binary base two code which a machine can understand. Even the most sophisticated computer program is reduced to a series of ones and zeros.

In every living creature there is a coded message that is not a base two but a base four code known as DNA. Gitt explains: The DNA is structured in such a way that it can be replicated every time a cell divides in two.

A DNA fiber is only about two millionths of a millimeter thick. The chemical letters A. Both of the two daughter cells have to have identically the same genetic information after the division and copying processes. The Master Programmer endowed us with perfect code and only at the fall of man did it become corrupted. This chemical code, built on the A, G, T, and C, becomes corrupted as a result of a shuffling of the order of those bits or a loss of one or more bits.

Loss of data occurs through replication and through the decomposition of the medium cf. CD ROM. Adam, as the father of the race and a direct creation of God, had a perfect code. There was no loss of data or corruption of the data in any way. Once he and Eve sinned, death errors in the genetic code entered our first parents and those errors have not only been passed to all of their descendants, but the loss of data has been increasing over time as would be consistent with data loss in the world of computers.

John Sanford notes that this degradation of data is cumulative and will one day result in the extinction of the human race in his book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome: In fo r ma ti o n i s Non- m a terial We must keep in mind that DNA is simply the medium which stores information. Information, however, is something distinct from the medium or storage device.

In his book, Dr. Gitt explains the difference between the two: Information requires a material medium for storage. If one writes some information with chalk on a blackboard, the chalk is the material carrier. If it is wiped off, the total quantity of chalk is still there, but the information has vanished. In this case the chalk was a suitable material medium, but the essential aspect was the actual arrangement of the particles of the chalk. And this arrangement was definitely not random, it had a mental origin.

The same information that was written on the blackboard could also have been written on a magnetic Certain tracks of the diskette then became magnetized, and also in this case there is a carrier for the information. An average blank CD ROM costs just pennies; it is the information on that disc which can cost hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars.

However, regardless of how much data is written on the disc, the disc does not change at all in how much it weighs. Thus information is separate from the device holding it. The loss of data by erasing chalk from a chalkboard is analogous to the loss of data in our DNA. Of course, not all of the data in our DNA has been lost but a significant part of the message has been compromised and now the errors are being compounded with every successive generation.

Humanity is suffering from an information loss in our own source code. The most amazing thing about the seed DNA is the information that it contains, which was placed there by our Maker the Master Programmer. What the modern science of Information Technology is just now discovering is that information does not just happen which, incidentally, is an incredible proof for God and against evolution.

Gitt explains that information is a fundamental entity and is therefore not a property of matter. He formulates several theorems in order to describe information.

In theorem 1 he states: Fortunately, our Maker has provided a way for our code to be corrected. However, it required that the Maker Himself take on our code, mix it with His own, and then offer His blood. Through rebirth Thus in the world to come our DNA our code will be restored and upgraded. N o rm a l C o nce ption Before we try to understand the genetics of the incarnation we need to have a grasp of what happens at the point of a normal conception.

During the process of procreation approximately million sperm swim toward the ovum. Both the ovum and the sperm are essentially very similar information. The sperm have a flagellum, which propels them on their quest, but the genetic information they carry inside is what is truly significant.

However, the egg and sperm cells have only twenty-three individual chromosomes such that when they combine during fertilization they will equal the forty-six individual twenty-three diploid chromosomes necessary for human life.

The process by which the somatic body cells fortysix chromosomes are divided is called meiosis. The cells created, which are just the twenty-three individual chromosomes, are called haploid cells. T h e In c a r n at i o n As we stated before, we need to emphasize that Jesus did not begin to exist at the incarnation—He is eternal and has always existed. Yet, the incarnation was the point at which the Godhead mingled seed DNA i. Keep in mind that the following summary does not pretend to account for the entire mystery of what it is for God to take on flesh; nevertheless, we seek to embrace all of the information that God has revealed through His Word.

Nor does this explanation account for all the potential reasons the incarnation was necessary. However, looking at the incarnation from a genetics perspective does demonstrate how Jesus could become one of us and yet remain free from sin.

Peter Underhill, in Encyclopedia. Since normally only one Y chromosome exists per cell, no pairing between X and Y occurs at meiosis, except at small regions. Normally, no crossing over occurs. This is in contrast to the rest of his chromosomal heritage, which will be a unique mosaic of contributions from multiple ancestors created by the reshuffling process of recombination emphasis mine.

If the twenty-third chromosome is an X, then the resulting person will be a girl. However, if the sperm is carrying that one Y chromosome then the baby will be a boy. Nevertheless, Peter Underhill has stated that there is essentially no change of the Y chromosome from father to son from generation to generation.

Neil Bradman and Mark Thomas state the significance of implications of this reality perhaps as clearly as possible in light of our study in their article Why Y? The Y chromosome is paternally inherited; human males have one while females have none. What is more, the Y chromosome a father passes to his son is, in large measure, an unchanged copy of his own emphasis mine. However, if the information in the Y chromosome were faulty, then it would mean that all of his descendants including us would also have a faulty code.

Discovering the exact make-up of the Y chromosome when Adam was first created is impossible for us to do, however, its current state may tell us something about the fall.

The Y chromosome may in fact be a record of an event in the life of our original father. Is it possible that Thus Adam not only died spiritually by virtue of losing the Holy Spirit, but his genetic information as recorded specifically in the Y chromosome was corrupted.

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God stated that in the day that Adam ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil he would die Genesis 2: Though the program may be able to sustain data loss for a short period, if uncorrected, the program will eventually crash. If that is correct, then the Y chromosome and all of his chromosomes must have been complete and whole before Adam fell into sin.

Yet, the Y chromosome seems to contain something so deleterious that our Savior could not have shared it. After all, every copy of the Y chromosome that is, every male descendant of Adam would necessarily have the same genetic flaw that would also lead to the ultimate crash.

In order to save mankind on a genetic level, a new Y chromosome would need to be provided. Furthermore, through the disobedience of Adam all of creation was made subject to corruption as Paul states in Romans 8. For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.

Not only that, but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body Romans 8: The Original Data Loss A. Paul discusses at length that all face the effects of sin corruption even though one man was responsible for bringing it into the world.

Jesus not only rose from the dead, but also mixed with mankind. Thus our resurrection seems to also entail being mixed with the Lord. Adam derived life from another, God; but Christ is Himself the fountain of life. Adam was the first man in the old creation, and, like him, all of his sons die physically. Christ is the first For the judgment following one trespass brought condemnation. For if. But the free gift is not like the trespass.

Physical resurrection is as inevitable for the son of Jesus Christ as physical death is for the son of Adam Constable Notes. We have already discussed how his sinning resulted in immediate spiritual death—the loss of the Holy Spirit.

Yet death reigned from Adam to Moses. Though the sin of Adam was indeed moral in that he broke the command of God. Paul has a longer discussion of how sin came into the world through one man Adam and how death. Therefore our resurrection will be a human resurrection.

In bone marrow are the stem cells from which all other cells in the body can be replicated. We might think of it like sourdough bread in which each time a new loaf of bread is made. In that way. Eve received her code from Adam. When God formed Eve He took from his side. God merely borrowed some code from Adam removed the Y chromosome and added a second X chromosome and voila—a female clone of Adam. Upon seeing her. Therefore we draw the conclusion that it was the master disc Adam that counts when making copies.

This understanding would certainly not detract from Adam acting as our federal head. The solution to the problem is analogous to the problem itself— also an idea that we have already examined in part. The new birth will not merely be a clearing of our debts though thank the Lord it includes that! Until that time we have the Holy Spirit as a down payment guarantee.

Adam even declared: The fact that sin is attributed to Adam and not to Eve. We get to take possession of our new bodies with their correct DNA. In order to encode the information in the physical medium DNA the Holy Spirit did apparently one of two options.

The fusion of the two gametes is when the incarnation becoming flesh cf. Therefore Jesus must have in the flesh had a perfect Y chromosome! Though while connected genetically to humanity by way of the X chromosomes.

Though women do not carry the Y chromosome. Jesus became the first fruits of the resurrection because one day. We can thus summarize the genetic events of the incarnation as such: Since the Y chromosome is passed from father to son identically.

Jesus was not a carrier of the Y chromosome which Adam had passed to all subsequent generations. John That means that the data loss was extremely significant and as such crashes in the system will result in time. He either: The chromosomes from Mary and the Holy Spirit fused to make the body of the new Adam. Because Jesus is the second Adam. He shall prolong His days. When You make His soul an offering for sin. While the Gnostic Gospels suggest that Jesus had sexual relations with Mary Magdalene and consequently had children.

The word very much meant someone who is descended from another. He has put Him to grief. We see that the Lord was pleased to bruise the Messiah and offer Him up for our sakes.

The answer is found in 1 John 3: This statement is then restated: Said another way. Jesus could not have stressed this enough with Nicodemus when He said that we must be born from above. John confirms being born of God in his first epistle when he says: Peter confirms this when he says: Luke begins: Now Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age. Luke shows that each person was the son of so and so. He finishes the genealogy by arriving Heli was the son of Matthat. It would seem obvious that man and his seed are perishable and corrupted.

Luke 3: Scripture demonstrates that sons of God are in fact direct creations of God. When we. We must be combined with His seed so that we can be like Him and be with Him forever. Paul greatly elaborates on this in 1 Corinthians From Luke we learn that Adam was a son of God.

Luke traces His lineage through David and sons. Here and now our DNA remains corrupted. R eb o r n a s a Son o f G od At this point we need to follow the thread of sons of God throughout the New Testament as it pertains to the believer we will deal with the Old Testament reference to the sons of God in part two.

Bullinger who states: Adam is declared to be the son of God by Luke. We have no authority or right to take the expression in Gen. Adam of course was made in the image and likeness of God. Job 1. We are not direct creations of God. We are naturally born sons of Adam. You and I are not naturally born sons of God.

Enos was the son of Seth who was the son of Adam who was the son of God. Thus far we can deduce that the term son of God is used for beings that are direct creations of God. This conclusion is shared by Bible scholar E. Since the term son of God is used for angels it would seem that they share the image and likeness of God.

Moreover in Gen. Appendix The main difference between them and Adam. The common thread is that they are all direct creations of God. Thus to be human is to be a ben Adam or son of Adam. In the Gospel of John. And Adam was of course not a son of Adam. Adam was.

The common thread between Adam. What we see here is that we who are naturally born as sons or daughters of Adam benei Adam have the possibility of becoming benei Elohim children [or sons] of God. The Scriptures reveal that sons of God are specifically a direct creation of God. But as many as received Him. Hence all of the descendants of Adam that includes every person that has and will ever live are by nature sons and daughters of Adam.

The primary purpose Jesus had in coming to earth was to make it possible for us to become sons of God. Adam has no human father.

The power does not lie This is exactly what the Hebrew Scriptures call all humans benei Adam —sons and daughters of Adam.

The first birth. For this corruptible [body] must put on incorruption. Jesus replied to him. Jesus explains to Nicodemus that we are naturally born corrupted physically and morally and a new birth is absolutely necessary. This conversion to a son of God is not through blood on a physical level.

Paul elaborates on this concept when he states concerning our physical bodies: Jesus reproved him for not already knowing what was contained in the Scriptures. Do not be astonished that I said to you. He also says: What is born of the flesh is flesh. Paul supports this claim by stating: Thus before the cross of Jesus there were no sons of Adam benei Adam i.

The right for humans benei Adam—sons of Adam to become sons of God only occurred after the finished work of the cross. All who are not sons of God have only been born once as sons of Adam. He said that her seed would be the one to destroy the enemy. Jesus speaking of His incarnation was the perfect fusion between heaven and earth.

We have seen that seed is used to refer to sperm or ovum gametes or genetic material. The conception and birth of Jesus to make us into sons of God was only half of the promise that God made to Adam and Eve. Without the second birth as a son of God one cannot see the kingdom of heaven.

They were angels because they were direct creations of God. Jesus states this concerning our new nature and future nature. Jesus came in the flesh from heaven by way of the Holy Spirit who mixed with the seed of woman. What this means is that since Jesus in His bodily incarnation was a genetic mix between the heavenly Holy Spirit and earthly Mary. Jesus gave His disciples an important key to understanding what the last days would be like—they would be like the sudden destruction that came upon the earth in the days of Noah.

The Bible calls this kind of progeny Nephilim—that is. The inhabitants of the earth had been warned repeatedly by Noah. Their words give us clues to the condition of the world at that time. For as in the days before the flood. In his second epistle Peter writes: For if God did not spare the angels who sinned. If we fail to understand what this passage means. What happened in the days of Noah has a direct correlation as to what we ought to expect in the last days.

We must not miss that the first century Jew. Jesus and Peter are telling us more than just the swiftness of the destruction that came upon the earth. When humankind began to multiply on the face of the earth. Thus they took wives for themselves from any they chose. To understand what was happening then we need to clearly identify the sons of God. So the LORD said. But the LORD saw that the wickedness of humankind had become great on the earth.

They were the mighty heroes of old. They will remain for more years. From there we will be able to plumb the depths of the promise that the Seed of the Woman would bring redemption for man; and with that in mind, we will see how God will restore His perfect image in the believer via the new birth through the Seed of the Woman.

Satans plan is already well underway and will be accomplished in part via transhumanism and the alien deception. These have both been made possible through the teaching of the theory of evolution which, at its core, denies there is a God. Satan has used this denial to pave the way philosophically for the acceptance of going to the next level of humanity and because man denies God, he believes he ought to continue evolving.

The transhumanist movement boasts that man can direct his own destiny through the rewriting of his DNA code. Transhumanists seek to make man into gods by directing his own evolution. Rather than accepting that God originally created man in His image and man is now fallen, but through Jesus will be restored to that original and unfallen image, the transhumanist insists that man can do it himself. In fact, Transhumanist Richard Seed audaciously declared: We are going to become Gods, period []6 Man is ready to forsake the image of the Creator who created him.

Satan will use mans desire to be his own god to deceive him into believing the ultimate liethat his fallen messengers are both the Creators and saviors of man. He will not do this openly but will deceive mankind through demons which are masquerading as aliens who are spreading the message that the inhabitants of the earth can evolve to be like them and obtain transcendent powers.

Finally, the seed of the Serpent will come; he will be a man who will be greater than his fellows, who will understand sinister schemes and shall rise up and become the Antichrist.

All of the theological points are proven in the rest of the book in great detail. If the details are not for you and you are are more concerned with what the enemy has been up to in the past then proceed directly to part two. A final narrative is found in the epilogue which continues where this one leaves off. Adam, where are you? Adam could hear the voice of the One who not long ago created him and his wife Eve. Adam found himself out of breath and a strange sense of terror flooded his body at hearing that voicethe voice that once had only brought him tremendous delight.

Adam could remember well that first moment when he opened his eyes and beheld the very One who had taken the dust of the ground and with His own hands had formed him and then breathed His Spirit into him.

The beauty of Gods face was indescribable.

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The glorious light radiated off of His face onto the visage of the newly formed man. His eyes seemed to go on forever and spoke of the depth of love that God had for him. Even though Adam had just taken the first few breaths of his life, he understood the tender care that his Father had for him. Adam could see that Gods eyes gleamed for him, his son. That sixth day of creationthe day when God created Adam in His own image and His likeness; the day when Adam first gazed at his Creatoroh how sweet and wonderful it was!

God had provided everything for him: trees, shade, delicious food, and a beautiful garden. God brought the animals to Adam, which He had created hours before making Adam, who then named them. However, there was none like him and then his Father did something most wonderful.

She was perfectly suited for Adam and Adam loved her. His heart was racing and his hands were shaking as he tried to sew the vine through the leaves to make coverings for Eve and himself. With just a few more knots his new covering would be ready. The fig leaves were nothing like what they had had but they would at least provide something to cover them.

The moment that they had eaten the fruit the light which had until then emitted out of their bodies was suddenly gone. The Serpent said they wouldnt die but that eating from the tree would simply make them like God. The words made sense at first. After all, God created everything and said that it was good.

That tree was part of the creation which God had made. It was even in the middle of the garden. The knowledge of good and evil was clearly something that God desired man to have, yet if they ate from the tree God said they would surely die.

The fruit had appeared so luscious and by eating it they would gain the knowledge of good and evil and be like God. Adam hurriedly placed the makeshift coverings of fig leaves on himself and Eve. What had happened? Where was the light that once clothed them? What would God say once He saw them? How would he explain? Their eyes certainly were opened and now he realized that they had been deceived.

The Serpent had promised them that they would become like God, but they already were! They had been clothed in light like God. They had been filled with the Spirit of God. Now those things were lost. Could they be regained? Adam now understood the point of the tree was simply a choice; to choose either to follow God, which was good, or to disobey and choose the evil. Either of those two options would make them like God more fully. He could have just resisted the tempting of the Serpent and become like God as well and have retained what God had given him: the light and His Spirit.

Choosing to obey God would have opened his 25 eyes as well and made him like God without the guilt because he would have made a choice, but for the good. Adam now understood what it was to choose the good and follow Gods commandmentthat was what had been required of himbut now it was too lateoh it was too late! He had made the wrong choice! He considered that he had indeed gained the knowledge of good and evil.

Oh had he chosen to obey and been proven and remained alive forever. But nowdeath! He wiped the moisture away from his forehead. Already he could feel his body in ways that he had never felt before. Was this death? God was walking his way as He did every day. Adam could see Him getting closer and would soon no longer be able to hide.

In a frightened tone Adam called out in response to Gods question: I heard the sound of You in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself. Gods gentle voice became inquisitive as if He were probing.

Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat? Adam thought quickly of what to say. What could he say to the One who loved him? How could Adam explain this betrayal, this unfaithfulness? His eyes quickly glanced at the woman as she too stood motionless and pale. The woman whom You gave to be with me, he said sensing that he was betraying her as well, she gave me the fruit of the tree, and I ate. It worked, or so it seemed, for the Lord God, now standing in front of them, turned His face to the woman and asked with what sounded like a broken heart, What is this that you have done?

Adam looked at his frightened wife, whom he had exposed, as she pointed her finger at the Serpent who was still in the garden and said, The Serpent deceived me, and I ate. Adam then noted a definitive change in Gods countenance. In fact, he had never seen this side of God. Until today Adam had only known God to be loving and tender. I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel. Gods words were good and brought a measure of comfort.

There might be hope for Adam and his wife after all. Adam mused on the words even though he didnt fully understand all that they entailed. Shortly after this time of judgment, God did something much unexpected. He took one of the animals, which Adam had named, and killed it! Oh, how immediate death was and dreadful. Why did that animal, which had done nothing wrong, need to die?

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After all, Adam thought, he was the one that had disobeyed God, not the animal. God then removed the skin from it, cleaned it of the blood, and then placed it on him and his wife Eve. The skin of the animal would be worn instead of the raiment of light which they lost. How pathetic it was in comparison to what they had! Adam longed for the day when the Promised One, the Seed of the Woman, would come and destroy the Serpent that had beguiled them and restore what they had lost, Gods Spirit, and the glorious light that flowed from them.

Adam sighed and thought of the day when this state called death, which now ensnared them, would be removed. How would the Promised One remove the corruption that touched every fiber of their being? How would He be from the womans seed and yet have the power to restore them?

To be free of that was his hearts desire. Oh for the day when the Promised One would come! Upon hearing the sentence Satan began to plot his scheme to overcome the prophecy. Satan too would provide a savior for mankind but in his own image and not Gods; perhaps if he could destroy the image of God, his own destruction would be averted. God is infinite and of course there are things that we will never understand about Him.

However, all that the Bible does reveal we ought to firmly apply to our general concept of who He is and how He is. Something that is fundamental to understanding God is His image. God tells us that He made man in His image and in His likeness in Genesis but just what does that mean? Then God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth Genesis How are we to understand image and likeness?

Does image denote something physical in the way God looks or is it merely His divine character? Is the likeness simply talking about His attributes? Is it possible that it could be referring to what God looks like? Generally speaking commentators assume the word image refers only to Gods attributes. Any time we have language in Scripture talking about Gods hands, head, feet, or the like it is explained as anthropomorphic language terms describing 31 God in ways that we mortals can understand.

Nevertheless, the Scriptures demonstrate that where there is some prophetic vision or description of God we are catching a glimpse of His image what God looks like. He is the One Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done Isaiah God also declares I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host Isaiah God exists in and of Himself, was never created, and has no end.

There is none like Him in heaven above, on the earth, or below the earth. The first man Adam was created approximately six thousand years ago8 and every last human being on the planet is a descendant of Adam, hence we are all created beings. We will never become gods in that we can never through our efforts attain godhood. We are not evolving to a higher order or existence.

Man will never be a god nor equal to the Almighty! The Bible is clear that man fell from how he had been created. We were created in the image and likeness of God but at the fall, when sin and death entered into the world, the image of God in man was corrupted. The question before us, however, is just what exactly God meant when He said that He created us in His image and likeness.

There are several ways that we can ascertain the correct meaning of that phrase. First of all, we will examine the Hebrew words in every instance that they appear in the Bible to see how they are used in other contexts.

In Bible studies it is context, context, context. A words context determines what a word means. We can also use comparative linguistics to see how other Semitic languages understood the same root in their languages. We can turn to the early translations such as the Greek Septuagint and Aramaic Targumim to glean how those words were translated. We will then turn our attention to what God reveals about Himself in portions of Scripture.The theology of Martin Luther, How does that differ from the corruptible seed that we currently have?

Philadelphia: Westminster Press. For there issued from their countenance a ray as of the sun. God is the eternal One and there is none like Him: Adam looked at his frightened wife, whom he had exposed, as she pointed her finger at the Serpent who was still in the garden and said, The Serpent deceived me, and I ate.

Communications Squadron Rasheen A. My eye will not spare nor will I have pity. All who are not sons of God have only been born once as sons of Adam. Stated plainly.

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