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army book that acts as a definitive guide to collecting Warhammer: Wood Elves contains the following sections: • The Lords o f Athel Loren. WARSCROLLS. WOOD ELVES. COMPENDIUM Warhammer Age of Sigmar © Games Workshop Ltd. GLADE CAPTAIN. BATTLE STANDARD BEARER. The Wood Elves are an elite army, formed around a core of highly skilled Elf fate of the Warhammer world and, in particular, the noble. Bretonnians and the.

For 26 points you get a WS5, S4, T3, model on stagback with light armour, which can download a shield for 2 extra points, Full Command for 30, and a magic banner up to 50pts. Conveniently they also have fear, which is always nice when facing something else with terror You do know that Frenzy makes you Immune to Psychology, right?

A unit of 5 on the charge with a champion will cause an average of 12 wounds with -3 to armour and 4 Wounds with -1 to anything at T3 with less than WS5 - that unit is looking a lot less threatening with 15 less guys now isn't it. Also have a lot more staying power than most other cav, retaining 4 st4 attacks per model until you lose frenzy. That's better than having lances. Also, they keep their spears in following rounds, so their attacks still have AP.

Ironically enough, they are no longer Forest Spirits, but their new models actually look like forest spirits, unlike their older models of regular elves. Don't let them get charged, they suddenly hurt a lot less. They are slightly more resilient than Gnoblars but do carry a Great Weapon.

What makes these guys special is that if they're in combat with a unit that causes fear or terror they get an extra attack good against Chaos, Undead and Ogres. On the upside they are better than Great Swordsmen In forests and against fear causers , but are worse than almost every other race's Great Weapon elites however also cheaper per model.

With the End Times bringing undead-summoning for everyone, these fellers become more useful, easily clearing freshly-summoned shamblers with their special rule. Rare Units[ edit ] Great Eagle: They would be reliable, cheap and versatile for 50pts.

Take Eagles only if you are full on Warhawks, otherwise Hawks will give you much more for less points. Also they can't be upgraded like High Elf eagles. Counterpoint: you would want to take a great eagle instead of a warhawk if you had less than pts to spend on flying dudes. Warhawks need to be taken in units of at least 3, and have enough whoopass to draw more attention from the enemy than the eagle. A pair of eagles is great for topping off the last hundred points in your list.

Place one of these between your enemy death star and your death star so your death star can get the charge next turn.

The eagle is one of the cheapest chaff units in the game. Skaven could probably field a unit of slaves for less than 50pts, but those slaves won't give you the same coverage as an eagle. Treeman: The best that can be said about this unit is that it is priced correctly, but it is nowhere near the monster it was in the past.

It also has 5 attacks at WS6 S5 in combat with the option to swap them all for a tree whack which deals d6 armour ignoring wounds to a model if your enemy fails his initiative test each wound must be saved seperately in case of ward saves.

Also, Thunderstomp.

Wood Elves (8ed) .pdf

It also appears that the strangle roots have become a better ranged attack. While the treeman is not amazing and necessary for most armies, sadly it is the best value monster we have and, perhaps, our best monster killer.

Side note: The current Treeman model is mounted on a 50X mm chariot base. This can be seen in GW images in their online store. I believe that the base is 75x50mm with the longer side being the front and the 50mm sides being his flanks. Waywatchers: This is potentially the best unit in the Army Book, so place your bets now on how 9th ed will nerf these guys 9th?

We wish. For 20pts you get a BS5 skirmishing scouting archer who can chose whether to add the multiple fire 2 rule to his bow or to ignore armour saves with his shooting.

They also come with 2 hand weapons for some mild protection against chaff units in combat, but don't expect them to be able to take the enemy head on with T3 and no armour. Everything they do is very wood elfy. They shoot well, avoid the enemy well and die easily if the enemy puts any real firepower on them. Take a unit of 5 and annoy the living hell out of your opponents.

For pts you can thin out the enemy if they ignore them, or distract what ever the enemy sends to stomp these guys down.

It actually isn't a bad idea to fill your rare allocation up with these. Keep in mind, their bows are still S3 only, so pick your targets carefully and use Withering lore of shadows or you're going to be sorely disappointed. Calculation of disappointment can be seen on the talk page. You could get a fairly decent army out of it. It is still mighty cool if you manage to find it at some backwater hobby shop I even managed to get one with discount "'cos no one wanted it for long time" from, apparently, completely ignorant shop assistant.

The battalion shared models with regular kits, so following old guidelines still apply. From the Glade Guard sprues, you can build Waywatchers. You get a ton of heads with the Glade Guard, so you're spoilt!

Especially now, when they look like High Elves. The Glade Riders you can build as Wild Riders with the spears. Or even Sisters of the Thorn. You could make a Treeman with the LotR Ent as it's cheaper, but the two have different dimentions, so be warned. It is taller, but can fit on a 50x50mm base that you can download seperatly. Especially now, when Treemen are taller, slimmer and look more like -Men, than Tree-. Dryad bits are awesome in making Wild Riders, Sisters of the Thorn and characters.

Their back-branches make pretty cool saplings to add foresty clutter on elf bases. You can also glue the extra dryad arms together to make treekin looking things. It will take some patience but you can build three or four sleek looking treekin from a box of a dozen dryads.

The ghetto treekin don't look as tough or macho as the GW treekin, so it is easier to picture them as just strength 4 instead of the strength 5 they used to have. If you want Dryads and Treemen though they've been nerf-sawed - you should hurry to grab the Guardians of the Deepwood box, which contains three Treemen and 36 Dryads - and is actually cheaper than cost of those models combined.

Either GW are trying to be kinder, or their head manager made a typo. Most likely the latter. Hurry, it is limited edition and stuff. The Guardians of the Galaxy Heroclix version of Groot could fill the roll of your treeman easily. Asrai Spear: Follows the same rules as regular spears, except for having AP.

Basicly, all Wood Elf spears and bows have AP. Because inch-thick armor is of little use when there's an arrow sticking out of your eye and a spear in your throat. Magic Items[ edit ] No more Spites, no more Kindreds. Matt Ward, after having given High Elves a meta changing item and Dark elves at least some decent ones, he decided to balance out his previous mistakes by not giving Wood Elves any good items. He even made sure to prevent broken combos this time. It's especially surprising as Wood Elves are reputed to be Matt Ward's favourite elf faction.

For each point you beat your opponent by, it causes a wound. If you lose the test nothing happens Though it can hurt the wielder if you want to use the more amusing 6th ed rules for the sword.

Rely on the rulebook's magic items instead. Daith's Reaper: This weapon would be amazing for almost any race but Wood Elves. For 50pts you can reroll to hit and to wound and force your opponent to reroll successful armour saves. Considering you can only take this on a hero who is likely to get to hit rerolls from ASF and that 8th favours ward saves rather than armour saves, this weapon is only slightly better than useless.

You can use it on the Waystalker to get 2, armour ignoring, sniping shots or on the Glade Lord to fire 5 bs7 shots. Note that these are Multiple Shots so -1 to hit and can't stack with Waystalker multiple shots and don't get any bonus from extra hand weapon. The best that can be said about this bow is that it is properly priced.

All other races ranged magic items aren't though Cute I guess for Wood Elves but is it really worth it?


Basically, it allows you to make a Wild Rider Noble from older editions especially with Wild Riders wearing noticeable horned helms now Acorns of Ages: This is the item that Wood Elves have been waiting for. For pts you get d3 forests in addition to the starting one, which all have to be the same type and are deployed like drop pods, since they scatter but can't land on other terrain. See Talk page for tactics and stuff. As for the item - if nothing else, it's fluffy. Moonstone of Hidden Ways: This item's potential power is immense, while it's actual usefulness is varied.

For 40pts you can teleport your unit at the end of a movement phase, from one forest to another. The only restriction on what can be teleported is whether it can fit wholly inside the forest.

The "forest walking" unit can't be placed in another forest that is too small and counts as having marched. While interesting this item makes you a sitting duck for 1 turn and either relies on the luck of the terrain deployment table or the Acorns of Ages. download another gimmick. Hail of the Doom Arrow: If only this item was 5 points cheaper so Waystalkers could take it This does prevent the abuse from being able to hail of the doom arrow snipe combo - almost guaranteed dead wizard.

Seems like it could have been fixed better with a 'cannot be used in conjunction with the sniper special rule' as opposed to just making it too expensive to take. For 30pts, you get a 1 use str 4 armour piercing arrow that causes 3d6 hits. Some people swear by these things since they can instantly mince lightly armoured units though there are dissenting opinions. Still it is the best magic item Wood Elves have.

Sadly, Asyndi's Bane was removed as a magic item, so you can no longer use the HoDA to take out an enemy unit and the guy who fired the arrow in the same turn. Calaingor's Stave: Such a depressing item. For 20 points you get the privilege of swapping a spell for Tree Singing. If the forest is partially occupied, then instead you can deal 2d6 str4 hits on an enemy unit that is at least partially within the forest.

Otherwise, unless you wish to move the destination forest of the moonstone of hidden way's unit or Drycha's helpers, it is the worst magic item in the game. The Banner of the Eternal Queen: For twice the cost of the Banner of the World Dragon, this banner provides Magic Resistance 3 and for 1 turn the ability to be unbreakable.

No thanks. The traditional overpriced banner does not fail to disappoint me even if you don't compare it to the Banner of the World Dragon. The Banner of the Hunter King: Another banner which gives to it's unit vanguard and, that allows you to reroll the first failed charge of the game for 75pts. Dwarfs get these rules for 35pts and 15pts respectively.

Also almost everything that can take this banner has Vanguard already. Competes with Calaingor's Staff for being the worst magic item ever. Enchanted Arrows[ edit ] Note, all arrows have AP and volleyfire, 30 inch range.

They replace the profile of regular bows wielded by models and count as magical attacks. The enchanted arrows are Enchanted Items which do not prevent you from holding a second Enchanted item. Arcane Bodkins: 5 pts per model, confers ap -3 instead of normal armour piercing. Expensive for what they do. I prefer to do more wounds than reduce armour saves but these arrows kill cavalry like nobody's business. All the same, if your plan is to screw over enemy armour, just use Waywatchers instead.

And they can also fuck up light infantry like nobody's business, if no heavy cavalry presents itself. Hagbane Tips: 3 points per model, confers poison attacks. This will probably be your go-to magic arrow, since wood elves have troubles vs monsters. Might as well turn those 6's to hit into wounds, and save yourself the possibility of connecting a hit that won't wound anything Trueflight Arrows: 3 points per model, confers no penalty to shooting whatever you do.

This is probably going to be the second most used arrow. Best taken on your Glade Guard as they will suffer the most penalties. These should be your first choice against Skaven and their shenanigans. As of now there are many opinions about the merits of these arrows which should be shared on the talk page. Great against warmachines, which almost all Forces of Order have. BUT against war machines, poison is still better and cheaper unless buffed by magic.

Great against monsters and repeater bolt throwers. The better choice of the " If you download a unit of this in stead of the flaming banner you can make OK monster hunters out of them. Swiftshiver Shards: 4 points per model confers multiple shot, making your Glade Guards into Dark Elf repeater crossbowmen.

Interesting, but Waywatchers have this basic and do this better than any of the other unit. One recommendation is to fill your core with a big block of swiftshiver shard glade guard fun to say and then buff them with hand of glory from the high magic.

Your swiftshiver shard glade guard should eviscerate anything that is not protected by the high elf banner of game breaking. Magic[ edit ] Wood elves have gone from being, magically, the least diverse race with the least choice of all when it came to spells, to the most. Yes both are directly stolen from the High and Dark elves this is confirmed by the fluff but have different lore attributes this can be seen as good and bad.

The following overviews are in my eyes, in the order of importance. However that is up to debate and which most important is dependant on your list and situation. Lore of Life[ edit ] This Lore is really good for Wood Elves as you can restore wounds on your best units ie:Warhawks and arguably Treekin.

It provides you with a way to give your Glade Guard saves, revive your most expensive units, kill your foes with a characteristic test, and has a safety net for you, if you miscast. Lore of Shadow[ edit ] The Lore of Shadow allows you to switch and save the most important characters while debuffing your foes.

It helps your shooting by reducing your opponent's toughness and weakens them in combat by reducing their strength, weapon skill and intiative. Withering is the must-have spell for Wood Elves, as it solves their greatest weakness - Str 3 bows.

By using Melkoth's Mysitifying Miasma you can slow down your foes, giving you more time to fire. It can make one your heroes fly but that isn't as useful as the others. It also comes with a semi-cannon ball and a blast initiative test spell which can destroy your enemy's tougher units. Finally it comes with a buff that allows you to shred through tougher units. It is useful since it works on any wizard of any level. The Lore attribute can be good but it is very situational.

Some calculations can be seen in the Talk page. Lore of High Magic[ edit ] This Lore is really quite neat. It has a wide variety of cheap to cast spells which give you a better shorter ranged fireball as a signature spell, a buff the complete opposite of the MMM importantly buffing your BS, a spell which dispels all effects very useful against any foe dependant on magic as a signature spell, a small blast, the ability to redeploy one of your units 10", to dismantle magic items and to deal a str 4 hit to all your foes in one unit.

Matt Ward has also given a good lore attribute which stacks well with it's multiple low level spells. Every time you successfully cast a spell you gain a counter. The Glory of the Elves Here the glory of the wood elves is displayed with 20 pages or so of excellent full colour photographs of the Wood Elf army.

On display are a mixture of both new and old models beautifully painted and displayed. There is also details on how the Wood Elves of the different eternal realms appear giving a variety of colour schemes based loosely on the seasons.

Wood Elves army list The most important part to budding generals of Wood Elf armies this details the points cost and options available to the Wood Elf army. This includes all the old favourites as well as new additions like the Waystalker and Sisters of the Thorn. Photo of the new 8th edition Wood Elves book. Across the board all Forest spirit units Dryads, Treekin and Treemen have lost a point of strength. In return they have gained, well nothing.

Although the limit of the number of Treekin has gone meaning you could now horde them if you wished too. They are the best non-hero archers in the game and use similar tactics to scouts. They can pierce armour and even slay the most powerful heroes with just a single shot.

If ever an unfortunate visitor comes to Athel Loren uninvited, he will likely already been spotted by waywatchers. If the visitor is lucky, the waywatchers will guide him out of the forest without showing themselves. If the visitor is unlucky, he will join the many skeletons on the outskirts of the forest, with arrows protruding from both his eye sockets.

He is a terrifying sight to behold, standing over ten feet tall and his green skin ripples with muscle. Although he must die each winter, he is reborn each spring, and reaches the peak of his power in mid-summer.

Such is the way of things, the "continuation of the never-ending process of death and rebirth". Orion is normally accompanied by his baying hounds and the Wild Riders of Kurnous.

Orion counts as both a Lord and a Hero choice. At the height of his power in midsummer, Orion is a terrifying being of majesty and power. And his lithe, green-tinged body ripples with barely contained anger.

Warhammer Army book Wood Elves

As the moons align overhead on midsummer's eve, a beautiful cloak crafted by his Queen is draped over his shoulders, and the great horn of the Wild Hunt is placed reverently before him. As the time of the conjunction draws near, he takes up his weapons from their shrine within the Oak of Ages.

At midnight, Athel Loren goes utterly silent — not a creature stirs — for all know that the ride of the Wild Hunt has come. Drycha Drycha is the most powerful Branchwraith in Athel Loren.

The Asrai believe she was driven mad when the blood of the powerful beastman Morghur was spilled in her glade, though in truth, she was malevolent and capricious long before that. She hates all who enter into Athel Loren, and blames the Wood Elves for all the evils that threaten the enchanted forest.

In recent years, she and the forest creatures that serve her have taken to attacking villages around Athel Loren, leaving no survivors and showing no mercy. Drycha is believed to have entered the service of Coeddil, a tree-man whose hatred of the Asrai is legendary, and it is rumoured that she is forming a resistance to exterminate the Asrai.

She counts as a lord choice and any army led by Drycha may only contain "Forest spirits" refer to the Wood Elves army book. The story of their existence has been retold throughout the ages by the wardancers. They tell that a small Asrai child, Naestarahan, was lured into the woods by glowing faerie lights to a place where even the Waywatchers feared to tread. There she was split into two halves: identical in looks, save that one has hair as dark as night and the other has hair of the purest white.

Both command the forest: Naestra, out of love, Arahan, out of fear. As long as one endures, both will endure. Both sisters take up a single hero choice, while Ceithin-Har takes up an additional hero choice.

Scarloc Scarloc is a champion to the Asrai. He is known for his skill with the bow and his stealthy abilities. He is also the leader of the masterful scouts. In Imperial year he and his scouts slew Morghur, or Cyanathair, Child of Chaos, by piercing him with a hundred arrows. She takes the form of a beautiful maiden with the wings of butterfly.

Ariel is the most powerful spellcaster available to a Wood Elves army. Durthu One of the eldest of the Treemen Ancients, he suffered at the hands of many races trying to desecrate the forest particularly the Dwarves, who left him scarred beyond recognition. As such he now hates all races, and only has limited trust of the Wood Elves Araloth Araloth is known for being particularly brave. However, this was not always so. He was once a cowardly noble who shrunk from battle and only enjoyed hunting.

One night while he was out, he found himself thrown off his horse and separated from his companions. Hopelessly lost, he wandered for hours. When the moon had just risen, he wandered into a clearing.

What he saw there was a four-armed daemon and the elf-maiden it was torturing. Forgetting his fear, he charged into the glade with his hunting spear and slew the daemon.With the End Times bringing undead-summoning for everyone, these fellers become more useful, easily clearing freshly-summoned shamblers with their special rule.

He can also beat in almost anyone's face 9,8,8,6,5,5,9,5,10 , comes with a Bolt Thrower and machine gun and is Unbreakable and Frenzy, regains a wound on a 6 at the start of each of your turns. Athel Loren, the enchanted forest of the Wood Elves, is ruled by two powerful elves called Ariel and Orion who are possessed by deities which are manifestations of aspects of nature.

Download Warhammer Fantasy Books 7th ed torrent. At a time that the dryads find amusing, the lovely, near-human aspect is shed and the violent aspect manifests as a tree-like vengeful monster that tears the erstwhile guest to shreds. Thus do the Atylwythi practise the arts of war with an obsession that is wholly alien in other realms.

For points you get the pair on the back of Gwindalor the Great Eagle and for a few more can have them ride the forest dragon Ceithin-Har.

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