The Mac. •. •. 1s not a typewriter. A style manual for creating professional-level type All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted. One of the most popular Macintosh books ever published, The Mac is Not a Typewriter has been referred to as the "Strunk and White of typography." The revised. by Robin Williams: The Mac is Not a Typewriter, 2nd Edition. ISBN: # | Date: Description: PDF | One of the most popular.

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The Mac is Not a Typewriter book. Read 25 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. One of the most popular Macintosh books ever written, T. The Mac Is Not a Typewriter. Your PC. Isn't Either. It astounds me sometimes, the amount of push-back I get when I tell authors, “You know, we don't double-. One of the most popular Macintosh books ever written, The Mac is not a typewriter has been called the "Strunk and White of typography.

This updated edition includes new examples and expanded information dedicated to the practical advice that made the first edition an enduring bestseller.

Bestselling Series

Throughout, Robin shows you the small details that separate the pros from the amateurs: If you prepare documents, you'll find The Mac is not a typewriter, Second Edition an indispensable guide. And those who read your documents will recognize the work of a pro, even if they don't know a curly quote from curly fries. Back cover copy One of the most popular Macintosh books ever published, The Mac is Not a Typewriter has been referred to as the "Strunk and White of typography.

It's updated to include a revised chapter on fonts and also reflects changes in software and hardware since the original edition published in Some topics include: Anyone who needs to prepare documents for print will find this guide indispensable. It's a primer that novices can pick up quickly, and that pros can keep going back to.

Table of contents Preface. One Space Between Sentences.

Quotation Marks. Read it. Live it. Your writing, and your readers, will thank you for it! Jun 18, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: Two prerequisites for getting the most out of this book: A computing machine of much antiquity or a Mac, if Macs have kept the same keystrokes since A thick skin as author Robin Williams could easily be described as a disgruntled junior college professor who has graded one-too-many bad papers.

The book is laced with sarcasm with which I am annoyed but also admire simultaneously.

Bottom line: But yo Two prerequisites for getting the most out of this book: But you probably wouldn't find her on a street as she's too busy kerning text. My jesting aside, the book is very helpful.

Some of the information is extremely dated since it was published nearly 20 years ago I believe Macs presently have more than 5 or so fonts , but the basic rules are still applicable and ones on which many of us could use a refresher. My criticism: I'm all for correct grammar usage but I do think it's something people can take too far. The judging, oh the judging. For instance, I'm paranoid about all of the errors I've made in this review alone which I don't think is something I should be wasting energy over.

Yes, I still get embarrassed more than the average person probably when I discover I've made an obvious mistake, but there are people who take it way too far. Unless someone is paying me, I find going over letter spacing with a fine-toothed comb to be a waste of what little time I have in this life. That's what peer review and editors are for.

The Mac is not a typewriter

View 1 comment. Dec 24, Krystianna rated it it was amazing. A great book for those in design and those not. This was one that I had to read for my typography course. It teaches you basically everything you have to know about type on a Mac in inDesign. It was extremely helpful, and even now I notice things I never noticed before when looking at type. I literally only want to point out people's mistakes. If you've worked with type before or if you haven't, then you're going to get something out of this book and be able to understand everything.

The appendix is so helpful. I will probably end up making a copy of the pages to put in my binder for class and keep one by my computer for when I do homework.

It's extremely helpful and I bet you'll learn something new!

I recently re-read this book and was reminded how fabulous it is. Along with Williams' other works, including The Non-Designer's Design Book and the Non-Designer's Type Book, this is essential reading for anyone who works on newsletters and other print materials but is not professionally trained. These books are some of the most clearly-written, helpful, practical, and informative books I've ever read.

Jan 23, Tania rated it it was amazing. I read the earlier edition of this book when I first transitioned from typewriter to computer and Macs happened to be my introduction to the world of computing.

There are lots of great tidbits in here, from the proper use of quotations and dashes to combining fonts and making sure your document is readable with them. It's presented very well so that it is easy to follow and to find your way to the information you need.

Apr 16, Ram Ray rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Any computer user who writes. The best little book I have ever seen offering so much information and inspiration for the crafting of better writing.

Very informed and credible author who knows her semicolons really well. And she makes it all very interesting while pointing out mere typing is not good writing. Jun 13, Nicole J rated it it was amazing. Actually, it was referred to as the first desktop typesetting machine. When using any word processing program today such as Word, Pages or any of the open source programs out there, the program will automatically put a space and a half when you type a period, question mark, explanation mark or colon.

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By the way, this also applies to the Internet. In print media, the greater percent of documents are set to justify the text. What justify means is, every line on the right side of the document ends exactly at the setting of the right margin. The problem with all word processing and website publishing programs is, while they can calculate the proportional space of each character, they are terrible at calculating the space between words.

It seems they are all programmed to just put big spaces in between words to achieve the goal of justifying the text.

Not a typewriter

While there are workarounds, such as putting hard returns holding the shift bar when you hit the return key to close the space, those offer a whole new set of problems. If you send your document as a Word, Pages, etc. This also holds true for the Internet with the advent of responsive design.Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Shannon Okey rated it it was amazing Mar 15, The error code errno is only set when a system call fails. If you work creating texts for personal usage, the subtle improvements this book will help you make will improve their readability. I will as it goes, post and share, show progress and get feedback, make changes as the project continues Once something reasonably complete arrives put out into the Linux world as a completed book Bestselling Series.

Another issue, I never know what or which typeface font has all the full functionality as Macs have for designers. Live it.

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